We all know we feel better when we exercise! But, here are some other positive impacts of exercise.

1. We learn better.
2. We pay better attention.
3. It decreases depression and anxiety.
4. Students get better grades.

Joh Ratey, along with Ned Hollowell, wrote a book called Spark. This book is a great read!

We are excited when we see local schools teaching kids to form healthy exercise habits. Kim Foster-Tobin wrote an article in “The State” titled, “In Our Schools: Planting Seeds of Fitness“, in which she tells of the students and families at River Springs Elementary School in Lexington-Richland 5 School District, who are participating in a running/walking program. Parents in the community felt that one day a week of physical education classes simply wasn’t an adequate amount of time fors tudents to be active. The same day, Carolyn Click also wrote an article for “The State” titled, “Benefits of Keeping Kids Active: Midlands Schools Get Creative With Physical Activity.” Similar to River Springs, Pleasant Hill Elementary School has a morning walk-run program every day of the school week. It’s a voluntary program that the school’s physical education teacher is provding as a way of extending the state-mandated 150  minutes of physical education and recess that are a part of the regular school day.

Do you get enough exercise? Do your children? What are ways that you are extending your physical activity throughout the week?



photos courtesy of www.thestate.com

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