I AM the FLOW of the river.

Through tributaries, fast water, calm water, oxbows, narrow canyons, deep channels, tree branches, strainers, pluff mud, marsh grass, hornets nests I pass.  Not all of my fellow pilgrims on the river of life go the same route.  God is the FLOW…  There are many ways and streams and turns, but one flow.  I cannot control the flow but I can ride with it and learn from it.  Sometimes it is peaceful, sometimes dangerous and swift…

This is what you were talking about last night!  “perfect” love drives out fear.  If you really know that NOTHING can separate you from the Love, then you do not get threatened in a Sunday School class…..one that is too liberal OR one that is too conservative… it is all just people trying to find their way to God.  Maybe that is what John meant when he wrote that Jesus is the way… maybe it is a beautiful river– with tributaries and oxbows and flows from all directions, going one way but inviting people from all walks of life and all religions and from different streams.

Poem by Louise Slater

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