Yoga Could Help Kids with ADHD

Yoga seems to help with concentration, flexibility, and even emotional regulation!!  Maybe the Eastern world understands more than the Western world about the mind-body connection!! See below.  Kids Yoga May Help Relieve ADHD By: Elaine Gavalas September ushers in autumn, back-to-school, and National Yoga Month. Designated by the Department of Health & Human Services, National Yoga Month features yoga’s numerous … Read More

A New School Year

As the academic year begins, The Price Group is thrilled about our students in boarding schools and colleges. It is an exciting time for all!  May you work hard at school, make new friends and try new healthy pursuits! Seize the day!!  

Idaho & Montana: Day 5, 6 & 7

Day 5: This morning, Wednesday July 31st,  we had a beautiful drive from Sandpoint, Idaho to Eureka, Montana.  We went to see Chrysalis and were sorry that we missed Mary Alexine, one of the founders, who was visiting family.  We met Carrie Kaare, the Admissions Director, and also got to spend time with Kenny Pannell, the other founder.  The campus was as … Read More

Misdiagnosing ADHD

ADHD is a common term that we often hear today. We hear about children having ADHD and their symptoms, but we don’t hear a lot about what the causes are. In the article below Dr. Gold discusses just that. She talks about the new field of study called epigenetics which is a research study area that interplays between genetics and … Read More

Video Game Addiction?

Both May and Louise are professional members of the IECA  – Independent Educational Consultants Association. Every two months, they receive a newsletter called IECA Insights in which the IECA discusses issues of importance to members of the IECA. In the latest newsletter, there was an interesting article about video game and Internet addiction. At The Price Group,we have certainly seen … Read More

Montana Academy & A Community of Parents

We have always respected the work of Montana Academy and John McKinnon’s ability to put into words so very well some of the reasons that parents need to send their children to a therapeutic boarding school. While he is writing (below) about a time when a parent did NOT hold a boundary well and it created a minor rift in … Read More

Young Adults & Money Management

To all the parents with young adults who are struggling. Below is a sample of a letter, with names deleted to keep things confidential, of course, from a program we have referred to call Brightstone Transitions. What we like about this letter is the detail regarding helping a young adult with budgeting. It is very hard for us adults of … Read More


We all know we feel better when we exercise! But, here are some other positive impacts of exercise. 1. We learn better. 2. We pay better attention. 3. It decreases depression and anxiety. 4. Students get better grades. Joh Ratey, along with Ned Hollowell, wrote a book called Spark. This book is a great read! We are excited when we … Read More

Addiction As A Spiritual Disease?

Recently, we came across a rather interesting newspaper article published by The New York Times, written by Samuel Freedman, about a rabbi, a priest, and a place called Boys Town. Rabbi Shais Taub, a Hasidic rabbi, age 37, has been teaching and writing for over six years about the spiritual component of recovery from addiction. Initially, he began within the Jewish … Read More

Test Stress: 10 Terrific Test Taking Tips

Tests can be very stressful – for anyone. Today, in the United States, students take more tests than ever before. No matter the grade or the school, there is always a test. Do you ever become anxious or nervous before or during a test? You’re not alone! In fact, even students who do great schoolwork can have difficult taking tests. … Read More