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We live for helping families

The Price Group is an independent therapeutic and educational consulting firm that has been helping families make informed decisions regarding their children’s educational future since 1993. As each student is unique, so too is each school, program, and college. In our student centered process, we work as a team to identify a student’s intellectual, academic, and emotional needs, then match those needs to an optimal educational environment. Finding the right school or program can be overwhelming for parents. Our job is to help families navigate this process smoothly to find the best school or program for their child.

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  • Colleen Banik

    We found Christ School because of you and I’ll never forget that. I truly meant what I wrote. You have been a huge source of comfort to me, in this process, and I’ll never forget that, either. There’s no way we could have gotten Ryan accepted into Christ School, in the time frame we did, without you and your resources.

  • Ginny H

    My son just graduated from The White Mountain School! It was the absolutely perfect place for him. WMS provided him with such love and support, and gave him the space to discover his passion and learn from his mistakes. I can’t thank you enough for pointing us in that direction! He formed so many deep and meaningful relationships, and his advisor became the father figure he never had. I am so grateful to you for your help! I don’t think I would have had the courage to look so far away, yet WMS felt like home to both of us.

  • Chuck & Susan S

    If you’re looking for assistance and loving support in finding a solution to your child’s success, The Price Group is your answer. They work tirelessly & compassionately in suggesting options best suited for your family. Louise & May are very experienced & extremely knowledgeable about these resources that can forever change your lives for the better.

  • Hoke

    You might tire of hearing that you’re a light of compassion, a bonfire of hope, for our family and doubtless for others, but I’ll throw another log on anyway.

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We Are
Your Advocates

Finding the right school or program for any student is a challenge. Many parents are uncertain about their daughter’s or son’s needs and are unfamiliar with the universe of educational or treatment choices. Many young people are confused or intimidated by the selection process. Our job is to help families negotiate this process smoothly and make the best decisions for their particular circumstances and goals.