Benefits of Using an Educational Consultant

Louise and I did a workshop in Flat Rock, NC for Lake House Academy (photo above), Second Nature Blue Ridge, and Cherokee Creek Boys School on the benefits of using an Educational Consultant. We had a great time role playing with Shaler Cooper and Tracy Hopkins who were wonderful about being on the “hot seat.”  We discussed the value educational consultants add to the admission process and the requirements of becoming an IECA member. Louise and I shared the procedure we use at our office when working with families.  We also spent some time reviewing what makes a great school visit and then shared some of our most memorable school visits.

While there, we had a great discussion around students enrolling into a new program and ways to ensure a smooth transition. We also talked about the best ways to refer a family back to an educational consultant when it is time to transition. Out of our discussion we all expressed the importance of planning and following through on the transition plan in order to support the entire family.

We left the workshop with a deeper appreciation for admission directors as they try to meet the individual needs of educational consultants since each practice seems to have their own procedure for working with programs. We also realized that through the therapeutic placement educational consultant’s involvement varies greatly from nothing after placement to wanting weekly updates on their client(s). The programs want us involved as much as we want to be involved but we need to be clear about our expectations. – May D. Peach



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