Utah Trip: Day Four

Our last full day in Utah started off in New Harmony at Kolob Canyon RTC.  Kolob is residential treatment center for 12 girls, ages 14 – 17.  The teachers here also teach at Moonridge Academy (below).  Horses are an important part of this program.  The therapy is relational based along with a great deal of recreational therapy.  The girls are always out doing adventure based activities. 

Next we headed to Cedar City to visit Moonridge Academy. We had a warm welcome at Moonridge by their guard dog and the enthusiastic girls – 11.9 to 14 years of age. We enjoyed sitting outside with the girls as they played with the cats  and talked to us about what they loved about Moonridge.  Truly great program for girls with emotional regulation issues.  The girls here also participate in  recreational therapy.

May and Shawnale Wilson at Moonridge Academy

After Moonridge we headed to another CERTS Program – Mountain Springs Preparatory.  Mountain Springs is a co-ed transitional program that helps students prepare for the next step in their life.  Students here are between the ages of 14 – 18.  Each student has a plan with goals and objectives that deal with academics, personal and family life.

Our last activity for the day was eating dinner with the staff with Expediti0n Therapy.  We went to a wonderful Thai restaurant. It was great to reconnect with Beth Fogle and meet several of the key staff members! This program does not use levels but honors students as they achieve.

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