Utah Trip: Day One

We had a great first day here in Utah.  Today we visited Waterfall Canyon Academy, Turning Point Centers and La Europa Academy. 

Our first destination was Waterfall Canyon Academy in Ogden, Utah. Waterfall Canyon is a residential program for students that are cognitively impared and that are diagnosed with NLD or Asbergers. We enjoyed touring two of their homes and meeting so many of the key people who make-up this program.  

While we were there, we ran into one of our past clients.  He said that students here don’t adapt to the school but rather the school adapts to the student.

After Waterfall Academy, we headed to Sandy, Utah to visit Turning Point Centers.   Turning Point is a non-12 step based treatment center for young adults. This is a beautiful serene home with a lovely view of the Utah mountains.

  View of the Main Building

Louise with Chris McIntosh, the Director of Operations

Look at the incredible view!

Next on the list was visiting La Europa Academy in Murray, Utah.  La Europa is a residential treatment center for girls ages 14 – 17.  While on campus they did a presentation for us about the Right Brain vs the Left Brain.  For girls who have experienced trauma, the trauma is stored in the right hemisphere of the brain as far away from the verbal part of the brain as possible.  This is one reason that traumatic experiences often come out in art and play therapy and then can be processed into talk therapy.

With Trilby Devine, the admissions director of La Europa Academy

After a very productive day of touring, Trilby and Shelia Tart-Zelvin joined us for dinner. Shelia arranged our wonderful tour and is the marketing director for CERTS. CERTS works with La Europa Academy, Kolob Canyon, Moonridge Academy & Mountain Springs Prep. We highly recommend the bleu cheese chips from Bambara!

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