Utah Trip: Day Three

Wednesday started off with another full day in the Provo area! We enjoyed our first visit of the day at Heritage School meeting with their admissions staff Susie & Chris since all of the other staff was off campus in training.  The students at Heritage live in single gender houses for students that are 12 – 18 years of age.  There are lots of activities, on and off campus, and equine therapy is big part of their program. 

Louise, Susie & Chris

Heritage School

Scenic View Academy is a co-ed program for single young adults serving individuals with Autism and other learning differences that are 21 years and up. These adults are motivated to better themselves academically, physically, emotionally and vocationally. As we arrived, the campus was buzzing with excitement because the adults were headed out for a three day camping experience.  We got to wave them goodbye!

Residential Apartments at Scenic View

Dining Hall

Next we visited Discovery Academy .  Discovery Academy is for adolescent boys and girls who have just begun to take a downward spiral into problems – such as emotional, behavioral and/or substance experimentation. The first time we visited Discovery Academy it was housed in a renovated church.  Since then, they have added this beautiful academic building where the girls are also housed upstairs.   


New building at Discovery! 25,000 sq ft

 “Secret Garden” at Discovery. Surrounded by beautiful flowers!

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