Utah Trip: Day Two

It has been a beautiful day in Utah.  This morning we were greeted by a great view of sunshine and flowers at Daniels Academy.  Daniels Academy is a residential program for boys ages 13 to 18. It was so good to reconnect with Sean Haggarty, Caleb Coddle, and Justin Robinson. The typical Daniels Academy student is one who didn’t perform well in traditional school.  These students are also in need of social skills coaching and this is done through experiental learning – they are out in the community every day! Daniels is opening a new classroom in Park City.   

Jacob Gibson – Clinical Director, Louise, May, and Justin Robinson – Executive Director at Daniels Academy

Next we headed to New Roads Treatment Center in Provo, Utah. We had a great lunch with Gay Jackson, Admissions Director.  New Roads has a residential and transitional program for  young adults with a dual-diagnosis of substance abuse and  behavior or mental disorder.   A unique factor for this program is the therapists transitions with you when you move to the step down program.  The staff asks the clients, “Where do you want to be and how can I get you there?” to ensure individualized treatment.  New Roads has two unique programs as well, Catering for a Cause and the PIVOT Program.  Both of these programs give money to the scholarship fund. The PIVOT program allows the client to work for a local business and donate their paycheck. 

New Roads Treatment Center

We traveled right down the road to Telos Residential Treatment Center for adolescent males.  Telos has completed renovations to their 1926 original building.  A good fit at Telos is a male who has moderate behavioral issues and lots of emotional issues. They have instituted a new evidence based outcome study where they track each male weekly on critical dimensions. The treatment team makes treatment corrections based on these studies and the line staff implements these changes.  Janie, a therapist, shared with us her sand tray room where she does therapy.  During sand therapy, students pick figurines of people or objects to create a picture.  Below is a picture of some of the figures students can choose from.


  Students working on an activity to encourage team building.

Students are encouraged to participate in a triathlon

After touring Telos, we met up with some therapists from Aspiro Wilderness  for dinner at Sundance. It was a wonderful meal and we loved getting to reconnect with these fantastic people! We recommended Aspiro often in the past and appreciate the excellent therapeutic work they do with our clients.

 Tim Lowe, May, Louise, Gillan Smith, Shane Whiting, Ryan Coley

Not pictured: Gordan Day, Caitlin Galt, and Jamie Kaczmarek.  We also enjoyed meeting Gillan’s wife, Mary!

Day Two was a very productive day and we will leave you with a picture of the creek at Sundance

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