October Utah Trip: Day 1

We are back in Utah – it is chilly in and the mountains are expecting snow. We started our Monday morning visiting Aspen Institute for Behavioral Assessment (AIBA). During NATSAP in Asheville, NC we met their new medical director, Dr. Jeff Wilson, who did a presentation there on the DSM changes – click here to view a blog post about this!  It was fun to connect with him again on his home territory. Key staff members did short presentations on their roles at AIBA before we toured the campus. AIBA has been in the process of refining their test battery and also working to get as much insurance coverage for their clients as possible through their Utilization Review Coordinator.

Aspen Institute and Island View are contiguous to each other and share some resources. Island View has recently remodeled the girls dorm. The student artwork around the campus was so impressive. It as great to see our old friend, David Hans, who is the Executive Director of both programs. The best part of our tour was meeting a panel of students and hearing their stories. Several had been to previous programs and felt that the positive peer culture and the academic program were noticeably better and helped then to take responsibility for personal change. We also enjoyed  hearing from most of the therapists about their particular interest.  It was nice to be able to put a name with a face.

Photos from Island View:



Photos from Aspen Institute:

Shanelle Baldwin – Neuropsychologist and Randi Nelson – Admissions Director

We had a wonderful dinner sponsored by SUWS of Idaho. They made a presentation highlighting their five day family therapy trek and their EAGALA, Equine assisted psycho-therapy.

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