Gear for Success

This week,  the topic of one of my devotions (from The Upper Room) was about hiking in the dark as a Boy Scout. The author talked about having to hike back to his car when a camper invariably left an important item. The troop used flashlights to find the path back to the parking lot. He made the point that … Read More

Christmas, Love Languages, & The Grinch

Many years ago, probably in some workshop, I came across a book by Gary Chapman called The Five Love Languages.  In this book, Chapman says that we express love and receive love differently and that sometimes we “miss” messages from others or even misinterpret communications of affection because we speak in different love languages.  The five love languages according to … Read More

Introducing Rachel Booth

The Price Group is pleased to welcome the newest addition to our staff, Rachel Booth. She is our new Intake Specialist and Collegiate Coordinator. She will usually be the first voice you hear when you call The Price Group, and she will help you navigate through our process. Rachel is incredibly organized, and loves to share that skill with others. … Read More

Spirituality and Boarding Schools

When asked by my financial advisor to describe my life goals and life plan, I thought of a quote I always liked from John Wesley, founder of Methodism.  Isn’t it always interesting how if you put something out there in the universe, it will come back to you?  The next day, I got a newsletter from our local children’s home, … Read More

Auldern Academy and Carlbrook School

On Wednesday, November 28th, we traveled to Chapel Hill, NC and met Jane Samuel and Amanda Woolard for a wonderful dinner before spending the next day at Auldern Academy.  It had been a long time since we had been on this campus. However, we have stayed up to date with the changes at Auldern through our families and their children’s … Read More


We have had a great deal of success with placements at Aspiro  (and here) and have a great deal of respect for their clinical team, (especially Gordon Day).  This subset program at Aspiro, called Vantage Point, takes quirky, socially awkward young men and does a fantastic job with them.  The profile for a young person going to Vantage Point is … Read More