Auldern Academy and Carlbrook School

On Wednesday, November 28th, we traveled to Chapel Hill, NC and met Jane Samuel and Amanda Woolard for a wonderful dinner before spending the next day at Auldern Academy.  It had been a long time since we had been on this campus. However, we have stayed up to date with the changes at Auldern through our families and their children’s therapists.  We have a great track record at  Auldern withseven girls having  successful experience here. 

The campus is so inviting with all of the incredible artwork hanging throughout the buildings. The academics are as strong as ever and we have great respect for Jane Samuel and her team.

 We left Auldern in the early afternoon and drove over to South Boston, Virginia to spend the night at the Berry Hill Hotel so we would be ready for an early morning tour at Carlbrook School. The morning at Carlbrook School was beautiful. We took a long walk down to the ruins  at Berry Hill and only disturbed two deer who were grazing. Kelly Dunbar, Dean of Admissions, met us at the Inn early on Friday morning so we could follow her to Carlbrook. We so appreciate all of the time the admissions department gave to making sure we had a thorough tour of the campus, met with key people, and got to spend time with our clients while on campus.We were thrilled to have an opportunity to tour the new boys dorm opening early in 2013 with the capacity to hold around 100 students. We also toured the girls dorm which has been occupied for several years but was new to us. We were glad to see Jonathan Gurney step back into the role of Deam of Advising. We are excited for Dr. Glen Bender’s retirement but will miss his presence on the campus. Dr. Bender has been an incredible Dean of Academics. We look forward to working with Dr.  Chris Soto, the new Dean of Academics.

 We were able to visit Leslie Robinson’s history class. We really like the excellent academics at Carlbrook and how they break the semester up into 9 week modules. Ms. Robinson was just completing  a unit on Vice Presidents of the Untied States and the positive impact they had on our country.


For us, being at Berry Hill brought back deep emotions of being at this place years ago participating in one of Carlbrook’s insightful workshops as parents and then standing there as our sons received a red rose in honor of their accomplishments. As parents of sons who have gone through therapeutic schools, we recall our intense emotion as our own children traveled a similar path to adulthood. We are grateful each day for the fine people who  dedicate their lives to working with these struggling youth.

Overall, we had a fantasic visit! We love having the opportunity to see our schools firsthand, which allows us to successfully connect our students to the right school.

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