Rites of Passages

We hope that you will join us for a workshop on the Rites of Passages for Adolescents! This workshop will examine the innate hunger adolescents have for initiation and how if adults do not provide intentional forms of Rites of Passage for adolescents, they may create their own rite of passage. This passage may include substance abuse, gang violence, eating … Read More

Crisis in Mental Healthcare

We often receive newsletters from organizations and programs, including the Lindner Center for Hope. Last week, they shared with us an interesting article on the current mental health profession situation in the United States. We thought it was an interesting article. Louise was especially inspired after reading it. She said, “I really like this article and agree that most of our … Read More


We had to share this news release about TrekEpic. Enjoy reading about a wonderful program! TrekEpic revives tradition of youth self-discovery through adventure, made affordable through foundation support Educational Consultant Andrew Bryan integrates countryside treks with educational counseling, core gift process to guide young adults Believe it or not, the ancient practice of young people going on an adventure to … Read More

Why does it seem so difficult keeping up with our kids these days?

PRN for Families (Preservation. Reunification. Networking) shared with us the following in an email last week! We loved what they had to say and wanted to share it with you! Information given by Jim Fey in the book “When Kids Leave You Speechless” tells us: Kids have the ability to recognize when parents are the most vulnerable, stressed, or guilt ridden to get what they want.  … Read More


 When I read my “word for a day” today it was a word previously unknown to me:  Mendacity—the quality of being untruthful; a tendency to lie. Merriam-Webster gives mendacity two definitions: 1. the quality or state of being mendacious (given to or characterized by deception or falsehood or divergence from absolute truth) 2. lie Synonyms include fable, fabrication, fairy tale, … Read More

Why Wilderness?

There are several compelling reasons for choosing a wilderness program as a starting point for your teen (or young adult’s) journey in therapeutic programming.  For some, a therapeutic experience in the out-of-doors offers the understanding a youngster needs to get back on track at home.  For others, it prepares your teen for the next step in programming.  Wilderness therapy provides … Read More

Essential Things Students Want Teachers To Know

We attended a workshop at the IECA conference inAtlanta on the essential things a student wants out of life.  The keynote speaker, Ron Clarke, of the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, spent a great deal of time explaining why a proper handshake is important. After listening to his presentation, I am even more convinced that parents need to teach … Read More


Every year around this time, hundreds of people everywhere make resolutions. They decide to change something about their life.  A common resolution is to exercise more, to eat healthier, spend less money, spend more time with family, etc. Sometimes, though, people let this resolutions, these decisions, slide by. It becomes too easy to stick to our old ways. It’s difficult … Read More