Why does it seem so difficult keeping up with our kids these days?

PRN for Families (Preservation. Reunification. Networking) shared with us the following in an email last week! We loved what they had to say and wanted to share it with you!

Information given by Jim Fey in the book “When Kids Leave You Speechless” tells us:

Kids have the ability to recognize when parents are the most vulnerable, stressed, or guilt ridden to get what they want.  Do your kids ever bring you problems when you are ready for them?

They can read parent’s body language, do a quick analysis and figure out which arguments will benefit them. It doesn’t take them long to learn when and how to push buttons to get what they want.

Kids have more time to think about these things than we do.  A parent’s daily responsibilities rarely leave us with the time or energy to consider how to respond to our children’s requests, wants, and desires. Parents have difficulty knowing what to say for fear of saying the “wrong” thing, not wanting to cause any damage to the relationship we have with our kids.

As parents, you work to be reasonable, loving and fair.  But for kids, the rules are “Win at all cost!”

Jim Fay is the author the these great books: Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood, Teaching with Love and Logic, Love and Logic Magic for Lasting Relationships, From Innoncence to Entitlement, Grandparenting with Love and Logic, More Ideas About Parenting with Less Stress, Taking the Stress Out of Raising Great Kids, Millionaire Babies or Bankrupt Brats, How to Discipline Without Losing Their Love and Respect, Helicopters Drill Sergeants and Consultants, Meeting the Challenge, and many many more. Click here to go see all publications by Jim Fay.

All of Jim Fay’s books, teachings, and work center around this thought:

“The Love and Logic philosophy teaches character. Character is built out of a formula that involves three things: A child making a mistake, an adult feeling empathy and compassion for the child, and the child learning from the consequences of his or her actions.”

For more information about the Love and Logic philosphy, check out their website!

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