Rock Point School

We received a fun email newsletter this week from our friends at Rock Point School! We wanted to share with you some of the happenings there.

It’s Sugaring Time!  Under the guidance of our History teacher Gus, all of our students became tree-tappers, wood-choppers, sap-boilers, and maple  experts this month. While many students loved the physical activity of lugging sap buckets, others appreciated the leadership opportunity to guide tours of visiting elementary school students and home-schoolers. The event culminated in our Maple Brunch and Fun Run, where students were hosts, helpers, chefs and tour guides. 

New, Beautiful, and Informative Website– we have just launched our amazing new site.  Please check it out.  Not only will you find descriptions of all we do at school, you will see amazing photographs of the students engaged in everything academic and fun.  You will also see information about the Rock Point Summer Session, running from July 7 – August 17, 2013. The session is a wonderful time for students to improve academic skills, earn credit, build healthy friendships, learn about community, and experience outdoor adventure in gorgeous Burlington, Vermont.  Some current students will attend, as will those who want to join us in the Fall, while others will come just for the summer session.

Rock Point’s budding artists–  We’ve had many recent endeavors in the art world, with more to come. All of our seniors were accepted to the local Creative ReUse Showcase, and their pieces went public in an exhibit at Frog Hollow Gallery in downtown Burlington. Our freshmen and sophomores displayed art of their own at a Vermont Young Symphony Orchestra event. They also made amazing videos of the Maple Sugaring process, using the mentoring and equipment offered to us by a local Educational Cable Station. And our amazing Annual Art Show happens in May; this is one of our most exciting events of the year, as students plan, install, and host a wonderful show at the downtown Rose Street Gallery, with the chance to sell their work.

Our current student body is as kind, creative and sweet as ever- this year has been amazing in terms of the community that has developed.  The students are hard-working, caring, and supportive of one another.  We brought in a large number of late arrivers and they are already settled in and making great strides personally and academically.

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