Stay In The Love

Velvet Mangan is a very special woman with a unique charisma. As you read the letter below, you can begin to understand the strong gift of listening deeply and helping women. All of us, as women, at one time or another, feel a sense of powerlessness or unworthiness. Being supported by other women who are our friends and accept us as we are is an important part of our lives. To all the women in my life who are my friends, I thank you!

Where there is love, there is healting. Stay in the love.

Where there is love, there is healting. Stay in the love.

“I want to thank you for your consistent love, support, and commitment to Safe Harbor Treatment Centers for Women. As you know, for the last 20 years we have had but one focus … women. While unfortuante, women seek our help far less than men do. Studies show this is due to the depth of shame, stigma and isolation associated with addictions. In working with thousands of aching women over the years, I have discovered their one pronounced core belief is their unworthiness. This thinking dominates and sabotages most of their choices which then manifests itself in many ways.

When I established Safe Harbor, I was told ‘women are too high maintenance’, ‘wome are complicated’, and ‘there’s not enough women, you have to treat men too’. But I had a clear vision that my job was to create a safe harbor for women and a place where, when they came through the door, felt belonging, unconditional love and connection. I then proceeded to find the most powerful, amazing and empathetic women to work with me. I explained our purpose and that our jobs were a movement of change through our vlunerability and love.

As leaders, we must show our true and authentic self and must go deep with our commitment to the freeing of the SHAME. If we don’t, 6.7 million women stay silent in their sufferning. There are too many women not getting help and this causes a crisis in my heart. I was taught early on in my recovery that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. I take this stance and I hope you will take it will me. I hold women in the highest light and see her as perfect, whole and complete.

Stay in the love,

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