Young Adults & Money Management

To all the parents with young adults who are struggling. Below is a sample of a letter, with names deleted to keep things confidential, of course, from a program we have referred to call Brightstone Transitions. What we like about this letter is the detail regarding helping a young adult with budgeting. It is very hard for us adults of … Read More


We all know we feel better when we exercise! But, here are some other positive impacts of exercise. 1. We learn better. 2. We pay better attention. 3. It decreases depression and anxiety. 4. Students get better grades. Joh Ratey, along with Ned Hollowell, wrote a book called Spark. This book is a great read! We are excited when we … Read More

Addiction As A Spiritual Disease?

Recently, we came across a rather interesting newspaper article published by The New York Times, written by Samuel Freedman, about a rabbi, a priest, and a place called Boys Town. Rabbi Shais Taub, a Hasidic rabbi, age 37, has been teaching and writing for over six years about the spiritual component of recovery from addiction. Initially, he began within the Jewish … Read More

College Freshmen Required Reading

It is always interesting to note what college’s are requireing their incoming freshmen to read. From generation to generation, the required reading lists often change and are reflective of the times. Certainly, these assignmnets can be indicative of trends among academics and colleges. Recently, we came across of list ofo what some colleges have asked the members of their 2013 … Read More

Test Stress: 10 Terrific Test Taking Tips

Tests can be very stressful – for anyone. Today, in the United States, students take more tests than ever before. No matter the grade or the school, there is always a test. Do you ever become anxious or nervous before or during a test? You’re not alone! In fact, even students who do great schoolwork can have difficult taking tests. … Read More

Why Private Schools Are Dying Out

As most of you are aware, part of what The Price Group does is consultations and recommendations for traditional boarding school placements. Boarding schools are one facet of private education in the United States, and across the world. In May, an article was posted in The Atlantic online on why private schools are on their way out. It’s an interesting … Read More

Suit Up for Sports

We love to share articles with yall – this one we found to be particularly interesting. It’s from the “Life with Teens: The Magazine for Parents with Teens”, spring 2013 edition, published by TeenLife. This issue had an interesting article about sports and adolescents, written by Randi Mazzella. “Sneakers, cleats, shin guards, and basketballs are strewn across our family home … Read More

Getting Down and Dirty at Rock Point School

We love seeing our school newsletters, and sharing them with you! Today, we are sharing a fun tradition at Rock Point School to celebrate the end of the academic school year. “It’s a tradition at Rock Point School to celebrate the end of classes with the Mud Olympics! Everybody Wins! Everybody gets a hot shower afterwards! We had a great … Read More

Greenwood School

greenwood school students

May and Louise have been to see Greenwood School in Putney, Vermont, several times and have had several young men attend.  The Greenwood School community and culture is one of the most accepting and consistent ones we have ever seen! The students and faculty live and work together, and students who have struggled to fit in elsewhere find that their differences … Read More