Getting Down and Dirty at Rock Point School

We love seeing our school newsletters, and sharing them with you! Today, we are sharing a fun tradition at Rock Point School to celebrate the end of the academic school year.

“It’s a tradition at Rock Point School to celebrate the end of classes with the Mud Olympics! Everybody Wins! Everybody gets a hot shower afterwards!

Rock Point School Mud 3We had a great year! Students tried new things, acquired new skills, and gained confidence. Some highlights including the following: four students from RPS traveled to Nicaragua with four students from a local public high school for a service-learning trip; a student written one-act play got selected to be performed by professional actors at the Vermont Young Playwright’s Festival; a team of students ran the Burlington marathon; students helped organize road races to raise money for our area’s homeless shelter; and a team of RPS student researchers won best presentation at a symposium of students and professionals who had researched macroinvertebrate populations in streams, as part of a larger project looking at global warming.

Rock Point School Mud 2Graduation was held on Saturday, June 8th.

Congratulations, seniors! This years graduating class is heading off to wonderful colleges, including UVM, Stonybrook, Champlain College, and St. Michael’s College. Although Rock Point graduates attend colleges from coast to coast, this year’s class has made strong connections to the Burlington area and feels lucky to have such good colleges to choose from here. Honored for their strong academic work and community engagement, several seniors received significant merit scholarships, some covering more than a third of their college tuition.

Rock Point School SeniorsReceiving merit scholarships is a benefit our seniors have been enjoying in recent years as a result of the leadership, academic, and extra-curricular opportunities that they find at, and through, Rock Point School. In their college applications, students are able to highlight what they’ve learned about themselves and their interest, and also what they’ve learned about participating in, and being responsible to, a community. It is with equal parts excitement for their future and sadness at their leaving that we graduate the class of 2013. As their fellow students shared in their recent appreciation circles, this class of seniors has been inspirational in their hard work, their care for the community, and their willingness to share vulnerability. We will miss their leadership, generosity, kindness, and just their day-to-day presence.”

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