Travels with Louise to Idaho & Montana Day 1

Hello all! It’s Louise here and I’m traveling again. Unfortunately, due to a family issue, May Peach is not with me this week.  I am traveling with two other educational consultants, one from California and one from New York.  Yesterday we arrived in Spokane, Washington and traveled to the beautiful college town of Coeur d’ Alene.  We spent about two hours touring … Read More

Misdiagnosing ADHD

ADHD is a common term that we often hear today. We hear about children having ADHD and their symptoms, but we don’t hear a lot about what the causes are. In the article below Dr. Gold discusses just that. She talks about the new field of study called epigenetics which is a research study area that interplays between genetics and … Read More

Video Game Addiction?

Both May and Louise are professional members of the IECA  – Independent Educational Consultants Association. Every two months, they receive a newsletter called IECA Insights in which the IECA discusses issues of importance to members of the IECA. In the latest newsletter, there was an interesting article about video game and Internet addiction. At The Price Group,we have certainly seen … Read More

Montana Academy & A Community of Parents

We have always respected the work of Montana Academy and John McKinnon’s ability to put into words so very well some of the reasons that parents need to send their children to a therapeutic boarding school. While he is writing (below) about a time when a parent did NOT hold a boundary well and it created a minor rift in … Read More