Our First Trip to Oregon: Day 1 & 2

Day 1: For both of us, this is our first trip to Oregon!  We are loving the scenery. We have already been in a high desert and a Douglas Fir forest.  We were very excited to finally get to see Dragonfly Transitions for the first time! We have known Mona and Glenn for years and have felt that our young adults have been very well served over the years at Dragonfly.  One thing we have always respected about Mona and Glenn, and their program is that they are always making continual improvements and looking for ways to better support young adults and their families.

Some of the newer additions in the past year have been a property called “The Homestead.” When we visited the Homestead, they had chickens, pigs, goats, a horse, donkeys, and an large garden.  Some students leaving a wilderness setting are not quite ready to live in a urban environment and seem to love the opportunity to do manual labor on the farm.


We enjoyed seeing all of the components of Dragonfly:  the clinical offices, the male houses, the female apartments, the community center, the counseling and admission offices, and the “Leap of Faith” Coffee Shop, which are all within walking distance of each other!  Dragonfly has many professionals working as a team to support young adults:  a psychiatrist, licensed therapists, adult mentors, addictions mentor, and also student mentors. Dragonfly has a very welcoming community of young adults and we liked how diverse and accepting the students were.

Louise outside the leap

Day 2: We returned to Dragonfly and spent time talking to one of our young adults in the coffee shop with his therapist!  How neat to be able to be in a community and see progress of one of our students!
the leaf outside

Next, we left Klamath Falls and headed to Westfir, Oregon where we joined up with Drew Hornbeck, Co-founder of New Visions Wilderness and Betsy Donnelly, another educational consultant.  Drew was especially nice to bring us hiking boots to borrow for the day!  We met up with Rob Koning, Executive Director and Co-Founder of the new location in Oregon!

May & Drew Hornbeck New Visions President, Co Founder

We drove and then hiked to a group of young adults, where again, we had a wonderful time meeting with one of our young adults.  One unusual element about New Visions is that rather than having “levels” they have each student complete a mastery project.  Below is an example of a mastery project.  This student is using natural elements to create beautiful crafts.  Mastery projects help both adolescents and young adults improve self confidence and self esteem.

mastery project


New Visions State Berry of Oregon


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