The Value of Our Lives

What gives meaning to life?  What is it we all need?  In the first half of our lives, our job is to find ourselves!  In other words, what is it that we can do or be that will be in service to others?  As we learn skills and try out new jobs, we learn what we are “good” at and … Read More

DBT Core Areas

This DBT(Dialectical Behavior Therapy) video by Jack Hinman, formerly at Sunrise RTC, and he’s now at Discovery Ranch for Girls.  I believe Jack did a great job of giving easy examples to explain the four core areas of DBT: 1)      Mindfulness, 2)      Distress Tolerance, 3)      Interpersonal Effectiveness, and 4)      Emotional Regulation.   I think almost all of us need to learn what it … Read More