Summer and Gap Year Options

May and I like this particular firm for both summer and gap year options!  Have you thought about how to help your child learn as much in the summer as he/she does in the winter? Especially hands on, active learning? It’s February. The snow is falling. It’s time to plan ahead for the summer. Where There Be Dragons – Summer … Read More

Book Review: Not By Chance

Not By Chance by Tim R. Thayne, Ph. D. Aftercare is Not An After Thought In 2006, Tim Thayne made a presentation at a national convention about why therapeutic organizations needed to step up and work on doing a better job at transitioning students home after treatment.  His ideas were refreshing and novel. He believed strongly that in order for … Read More

‘Tiger Mom’ Defends New Book on TODAY

This article and new book bring up some controversial but compelling things to think about!  What makes a student “highly motivated”??  What makes another student less motivated? We tend to work with students who struggle with low motivation, substance abuse, learning differences, and ADHD, which impacts impulse control negatively. In the book the Triple Threat, Amy Chua, known for her Tiger Mom … Read More