I AM the FLOW of the river. Through tributaries, fast water, calm water, oxbows, narrow canyons, deep channels, tree branches, strainers, pluff mud, marsh grass, hornets nests I pass.  Not all of my fellow pilgrims on the river of life go the same route.  God is the FLOW…  There are many ways and streams and turns, but one flow.  I … Read More

School Crossroads

It IS important what school you go to for boarding school and then later college… but not for the name or the prestige, but for the values, the friends made and the learning environment.  Is the school a place where teamwork and compassion for others is important and learning and growing is encouraged?  Or is the school a “cutthroat” kind of environment?  Is … Read More

Motivating Lazy Children

Is your child lazy or overwhelmed?  We have learned, over time, that when parents tell us their kids are “lazy” or “unmotivated,” it is important to look at what is causing the problem.  Kids just don’t get “lazy”– most of us like to learn and want to be successful.  As we listen,  we usually find that somewhere in the history, either there is … Read More