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October 6th, 2014


May and Louise toured Discovery Ranch (DR) for Girls this morning. The campus was previously owned by a man that built the complex for his extended family. It is absolutely gorgeous! The program has approximately 35 girls right now and very little had to be done to adapt this property as a home for the girls. The girls have 3 cabins and a beautiful stable for equine therapy. They have a separate “school house” and an expansion is under way. There are three levels of equine therapy: ground, horsemanship, and advanced horsemanship. Many of our pictures showed the artwork of both girls and staff. Like at Discovery Ranch for Boys, the girls help to care for feeder calves. We loved seeing Dr. Jack Hinman, Clinical Director, again and have always been impressed with his knowledge of DBT and treatment for girls. Hope VanDyk, Admissions Director, is as amazing in person as she is on the telephone! Our most favorite part of our visit was hearing from the girls as they told us parts of their journey and the therapeutic work they have been doing while there. DR for Girls is building not only an expansion to the school building, but also an indoor riding arena for the wintertime.


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discovery ranch louise w ladies

Marliett Davis, Therapist, pup Lily, Louise, and Hope VanDyk, Admissions Director.


Wasatch Academy is continually giving students opportunities to try new experiences and expand their knowledge. When we last visited this program they were just completing a state of the art technology center which is in full swing. The school renovated a gas station for the new visual arts program and have also opened a new performing arts building and a girls dorm. Currently under construction is a music conservatory expected to open in February. We enjoyed our time with Joe Loftin,Head of School, who we think is very in touch with the faculty and students.

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