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This week May and I are visiting programs in Arizona.  We have seen two excellent young adult transitional living programs that are intended to be for young adults with some addiction and mental health issues and who have attended what is called “primary care” first.  These programs can vary from 6 months to over a year but are intended to help a young adult go from a very restricted, structured recovery program, regardless of whether the program is a wilderness based or rehabilitation center based program, to independent living.  For every program and student in a transition process, there is a comprehensive program that INCLUDES going to AA/NA/OA (overeaters anonymous).  Why you ask?  What if these adults don’t “agree” with the AA tenants?  I go back again to the title of the article and offer this re-write:  The Rationality of Including Alcoholics Anonymous as Part of a Recovery Plan…. For young adults to “recover” their lives and learn how to live a healthy sober lifestyle, they need peers who are sober as well!  Where do you find friends and mentors who know where you have been and will support you in your “one day at a time” sobriety?  I have found no substitute for this sense of belonging and community.


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