Shame vs. Guilt

What is the difference between shame and guilt? In a simplistic way, shame is saying “I am bad.” and guilt is saying “I did something bad.” There is a HUGE difference between the two. A counselor named Terry Bradshaw coined the phrase years ago: Toxic Shame and wrote a book about the shame that binds you. Why does shame bind you and why is it so harmful? Because you internalize the feelings and thoughts about yourself in such a way that it comes to DEFINE you. With guilt, you know you did something wrong or bad, but you can make amends and choose to let go and move on. With shame, it becomes who you are. Many of the students we see at The Price Group have experienced deep wounding and shame. When they get therapy, over an extended period of time, they are able to process through the thoughts and feelings and decide to not let a single moment in time or a single relationship “color” and define who they are permanently with all others. This quick video by Sunrise RTC explains how healing and important this therapy can be.

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