Medical Marijuana in Psychiatry

There is a big experiment going on inside the United States right now regarding medical marijuana.  I find it interesting that they did not talk about the established medical benefit of marijuana reducing nausea in cancer patients?  However, the slide show/article below is focused on the psychiatric pros and cons of the legal use of marijuana by the medical community.  At the end of the day, we all need to be open to BOTH sides– the pros and cons.  The way I look at it is that I would prefer not to put ANY pharmaceutical drugs in my body unless it is absolutely necessary and prescribed by a physician!  So this article does not make me want to be a part of the “experiment”!  As we talk to our young adults and adolescents who have a sustained history of use of marijuana, the real question to ask is “why would you want to use a substance that “may” have some benefits for people with severe psychiatric problems/issues, but also “may” have some very negative consequences?  For many years, I have heard people use the phrase “self-medicating”.  Why put substances in your body with potential harm when there are other forms of “self-medication” that seems to have less side effects, such as yoga, meditation, prayer, exercise?

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