Therapy in the Woods

At The Price Group, we have relationships and experiences with many different wilderness models and therapeutic approaches. Therapists who tell you “wilderness therapy is for “oppositional defiant” children and that it seeks to “break down” a person have no clear knowledge or experience with the outstanding work being done in wilderness. Wilderness settings are by licensed professionals in early childhood trauma, anxiety, social phobias, attachment, family systems and so much more.  Our job is to understand the unique issues of each client and family so we can match a student to just the right therapist, right setting, and right treatment. For a therapist to make a sweeping all inclusive and statement about wilderness therapy as if it is a “one size fits all” means that the therapist does not have a current handle on the status of wilderness therapy in general.

This video will give you some insight into just one wilderness option we recommend, New Visions Wilderness. If you’re struggling to understand different types of therapy this is a short segment that will get you some insight.