Life Altering Decisions

At church on Easter Sunday, the minister asked “what decisions have you made in your life that turned your life in a different direction?” For me the first one was easy – taking a job that led me to meeting my future husband. The second life changing decision was when we took the advice of an educational consultant and ultimately … Read More

Lessons From the Autism Symposium

Karyn Kaminski, May Peach, and Louise Slater attended the Autism Symposium held in Sundance, Utah the first week of April.  Karyn sat on a panel, “When ASD and SUD Combine: A Panel Discussion” and shared her advocacy for more cross training between substance use and autism programs and therapists, as well as thoughts on how diagnostically autism can be missed … Read More

Girls Autism Diagnosis Frequently Missed

April is Autism Awareness Month so we are writing about Autism. At the Autism Symposium, there was a session that really helped me understand why girls with autism are diagnosed much less frequently and later than same-aged boys.  The presentation was titled “Hidden in Plain Sight… Women’s Camouflage of Autism” led by Jillian Allen, M.A. and Bayley Mays, J.D..  Brightstone … Read More

Importance of Peer Groups and Young Adults

I have just finished reading the book Tribe.  The author, Sebastian Junger, makes the key point that we, as a species, were made to live in community with each other.  He spent much of his adult life in the military and quasi-military operations that put his life and others’ lives in danger.  It would seem that these time periods when … Read More