Community Service

All of the staff at The Price Group are actively involved in community service, and we cannot champion the importance of community service enough. We saw an interview in The State, Columbia’s newspaper, about a University of South Carolina student who is very active and involved with community service. By BERTRAM RANTIN — COLUMBIA, SC — Hayley Elia’s resume … Read More

Update on DSM-F: What You Need To Know to Help Your Students And Families

Recently, Louise co-wrote an article with Jeffrey Wilson, MD, that was published in the IECA’s newsletter, “Special Insights”, April/May 2013. We wanted to share with you that article. Louise: We would like to thank you for agreeing to update us on the DSM-5. Can I ask how you’ve become familiar with the DSM-5 prior to its publication? Dr. Wilson: I … Read More

Trip to New Visions and Northwest Wilderness

We’ve been on the road again! We flew into Minnesota to visit some of Louise’s family and then mt up with a group of educational consultants to tour Northwest Passages and New Vision Wilderness before heading to Chicago for our IECA National Conference. The executive director of Northwest Passages, Mark Elliott, demonstrated servant leadership by driving a van full of … Read More

News from Blue Ridge School

Another great school sent us their newsletter, and we loved seeing the performce of the Barontones from The Blue Ridge School! The video below is a performance of the Blue Ridge a capella choir, the Barontones, singing at the Jefferson Area Board on Aging (JABA) Greene County Senior Center on March 27.  They were a big hit, and have been invited to … Read More

College: Rejection from An Ivy League School

I recall from Garrison Keillor, from his Lake Wobegon series…  ” Welcome to Lake Wobegon, where all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.”  This humor seems to fit with the satire in the video. Is this satire? Absolutely!  In an article I read recently, it said that if they took … Read More

To This Day

A colleague shared with us this incredible video about bullying, written by Shane Koyczan, a spoken word poet and writer. It’s incredibly beautiful. Please take the time to watch this video and reflect on how we can stop bullying.   Shane said this about this video and poem: “This animated piece is the result of a group of individuals coming together … Read More

Rites of Passages Workshop

Yesterday afternoon, we had the pleasure of accompanying our speaker, Kedar Brown, of our Adolescent Rites of Passage workshop to the local WIS TV station for a quick interview! To watch the interview, play the clip below. You can also view the clip at the WISTTV website (found here).    This workshop will examine the innate hunger adolescents have for … Read More

Small Peek at Personality Disorders

At The Price Group, we work with clients and families with many different persepctive, issues, and situations. In our opinion, the issues connected with personality disorders often have a negative stigma or association with it. We’d love to share with you some information from a program that we have worked with repeatedly. It provides a great overview to personalitiy disorders. … Read More

Rites of Passages

We hope that you will join us for a workshop on the Rites of Passages for Adolescents! This workshop will examine the innate hunger adolescents have for initiation and how if adults do not provide intentional forms of Rites of Passage for adolescents, they may create their own rite of passage. This passage may include substance abuse, gang violence, eating … Read More


We had to share this news release about TrekEpic. Enjoy reading about a wonderful program! TrekEpic revives tradition of youth self-discovery through adventure, made affordable through foundation support Educational Consultant Andrew Bryan integrates countryside treks with educational counseling, core gift process to guide young adults Believe it or not, the ancient practice of young people going on an adventure to … Read More