Executive Functioning and The BIG Thanksgiving Dinner

 Photo Source Pulling off a big Thanksgiving feast for a large family sure takes a bunch of executive functioning skills.  At least if you have ADHD you can hyperfocus for the big day.  Let’s think about all the organization skills and elements that have to come together for it to work: First, getting all of the table linens out, and … Read More

"Just Add Water"

When many parents hear for the first time that their child or young adult may be showing some features of Asperger’s Syndrome, they have visions of Autistic children that have significant language delays or might be seen in a self-contained classroom.  One of my parents, when I told her that her child might have some of the characteristics of Asperger’s, told me, … Read More

Ten Things We Wished We Had Known about Teaching before Changing Careers

(photo source) On Sunday, September 16th, Louise and I presented at Columbia’s chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma for first meeting of the school year. Delta Kappa Gamma is an educational sorority for women educators – click here to read more about this organization.  We were asked to speak on the role of an educational consultant and ended up talking about … Read More

National Recovery Month

  If you type into Google, “September National Month” quite a few things pop up.  National Preparedness Month, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, College Savings Month, National Skin Care Month, even National Chicken and National Rice Month! But one cause stood out to us today,  National Recovery Month.  Our local paper, The State, posted an article entitled Addiction – recovery helps … Read More

The Big D = DENIAL and The Boiled Frog Analogy

Photo From Juesatta.com For many of the parents of children that come to our offices at The Price Group needing therapeutic placement, it is very hard to admit that their teen or young adult is totally out of control.  A term we like that comes from a book by John  McKinnon, M.D.,  called An Unchanged Mind is “global failure.”  What … Read More

Benefits of Using an Educational Consultant

Louise and I did a workshop in Flat Rock, NC for Lake House Academy (photo above), Second Nature Blue Ridge, and Cherokee Creek Boys School on the benefits of using an Educational Consultant. We had a great time role playing with Shaler Cooper and Tracy Hopkins who were wonderful about being on the “hot seat.”  We discussed the value educational consultants … Read More