Essential Things Students Want Teachers To Know

We attended a workshop at the IECA conference inAtlanta on the essential things a student wants out of life.  The keynote speaker, Ron Clarke, of the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, spent a great deal of time explaining why a proper handshake is important. After listening to his presentation, I am even more convinced that parents need to teach … Read More


Every year around this time, hundreds of people everywhere make resolutions. They decide to change something about their life.  A common resolution is to exercise more, to eat healthier, spend less money, spend more time with family, etc. Sometimes, though, people let this resolutions, these decisions, slide by. It becomes too easy to stick to our old ways. It’s difficult … Read More

Gear for Success

This week,  the topic of one of my devotions (from The Upper Room) was about hiking in the dark as a Boy Scout. The author talked about having to hike back to his car when a camper invariably left an important item. The troop used flashlights to find the path back to the parking lot. He made the point that … Read More

Introducing Rachel Booth

The Price Group is pleased to welcome the newest addition to our staff, Rachel Booth. She is our new Intake Specialist and Collegiate Coordinator. She will usually be the first voice you hear when you call The Price Group, and she will help you navigate through our process. Rachel is incredibly organized, and loves to share that skill with others. … Read More


We have had a great deal of success with placements at Aspiro  (and here) and have a great deal of respect for their clinical team, (especially Gordon Day).  This subset program at Aspiro, called Vantage Point, takes quirky, socially awkward young men and does a fantastic job with them.  The profile for a young person going to Vantage Point is … Read More

October Utah Trip: Day Three & Four

 A fence made out of skiis in Park City, Utah! We are officially feel like we are in Utah as the snow comes down.  For Wednesday and Thurday we will be attending the Partnering for Hope Conference Here is what our schedule looks like: During the conference, we have met lots of new people and love the place we are … Read More

Wilderness Experience

Please read this incredible story of recovery from a very brave young woman named Allie!  For so many young adults in the throes of addiction, the hardest step is the first step:  agreeing to go to treatment.  We find that the wilderness experience gives young adults time to reflect, time to slow down, and time to get reconnected to their … Read More

The Big D = DENIAL and The Boiled Frog Analogy

Photo From For many of the parents of children that come to our offices at The Price Group needing therapeutic placement, it is very hard to admit that their teen or young adult is totally out of control.  A term we like that comes from a book by John  McKinnon, M.D.,  called An Unchanged Mind is “global failure.”  What … Read More