Boarding Schools

It has been our experience that students who attend boarding school are better prepared academically, emotionally, and socially for the transition to college.  Boarding school provides a healthy structure  for students and removes the day to day academic stresses out of the parent-child relationship.  In addition, many students develop strong adult relationships, are more involved in a variety of extra curricular activities, and in general are better at self-advocating to meet their own needs.

We offer firsthand knowledge of a wide variety of schools across the country, each with its unique strengths, character, and traditions. We also have an extensive library of school catalogues and DVDs for families to consider when making their selections.

Because boarding school is a 24-hour environment, selecting the right school should be based on an overall fit. Just because a school worked for a neighbor or friend, or even a brother or sister, does not mean it will best suit your child at this time. For a boarding school placement, the family should consider several factors: level of academic rigor, teaching methodology, extra-curricular offerings, residental life, community service, and spiritual culture.

Our Student-Centered Process focuses on finding the right fit between student and school. Let us help in your educational planning for:

    • The student with unique talents that ought to be nurtured
    • The student who feels he/she must apologize for wanting to do well academically
    • The poorly organized student who fails to turn in assignments on time
    • The intellectually gifted child distracted by social pressures
    • The student who is ready to live independently
    • The student whose self-esteem would be bolstered by a smaller, more intimate school
    • The extremely bright student bored in her present academic program
    • The student who needs a “13th year” or post-graduate work in order to mature
    • The student that has a unique learning difference
    • The student desiring an abroad experience
    • The student who needs stronger preparation for college
    • The student who needs “turning on” academically