Diagnostic & Assessment Services

Our consultants review all prior testing of your student.  We sometimes find that although testing may be current, there are elements that are missing to make a proper placement.  After review, we may make recommendations for further Psychoeducational Testing or Educational-Only Testing.  The Price Group’s staff includes clinical and school psychologists. In some cases, where an immediate placement is necessary, testing will be completed in the new environment.

We often find adolescents who are at a loss about their life’s direction or college major. By assessing both a student’s Personality and Career Interests, we can make recommendations for appropriate career majors.

The Secondary School Aptitude Test (SSAT) is often required by the admissions department at competitive boarding schools.  We administer the Flex Test in our office as a service to our students who may need a quiet individualized setting or may need to  take the test at a more convenient time than the scheduled SSAT national dates.

When assessing a student’s needs, we find it is beneficial to conduct a School Observation and meet key staff member who work with the student.  The classroom observation gives the consultant real time information on what the student is struggling with academically.

There are times when it appears that student’s issues are complex enough that a one day assessment is not sufficient to get a complete picture of the current issues. In this instance, we will refer a student to a Comprehensive Assessment Center.  There are several of these centers throughout the nation and each specialize in different types of assessments.