Therapeutic Programs

By the time parents are referred to our office, the family is in crisis and has exhausted all local resources. Their child is often socializing with a negative peer group, failing in school, dishonest with authority figures, being defiant at home, and may be engaging in risky/illegal activities.   These students frustrate the ability of schools, parents, and therapists to provide adequately for their needs. At times like these, the assistance of an experienced, understanding consultant can transform a deteriorating situation.

Peer influences, substance abuse, and the emotional turmoil experienced by these vulnerable young people can compromise their motivation and desire for success. Others may fail to secure the support they need to handle more serious emotional problems, learning disabilities, or psychiatric disturbances.

Fortunately, there are programs and schools dedicated to working with the unique needs of these students, many of whom have already obtained local help but failed to successfully resolve their academic and adjustment problems. In such instances, the student usually benefits from a full-time, specialized school or program that provides a structured environment and a caring professional staff trained to recognize and address the student's needs.

In our Student-Centered Process, we look for what’s right with your child, identifying hidden strengths as well as special needs. Our comprehensive testing enables us to refine diagnoses and our skilled consultants offer insights that can open up new possibilities for growth.

The Price Group will help you find an effective program or treatment facility for:

    • The student who has seen repeated failures
    • The  student battling with adoption and/or grief and loss issues
    • The defiant student acting outside of the family's boundaries
    • The student whose behavioral and/or emotional problems must be addressed before academic needs can be fully met
    • The student who is  identifying with a negative peer group
    • The struggling student with serious psychiatric illness, eating disorders, or psychoses
    • The student battling with addiction
    • The student battling with substance or sexual abuse
    • The impulsive student caught up in the legal system