Montana Academy & A Community of Parents

We have always respected the work of Montana Academy and John McKinnon’s ability to put into words so very well some of the reasons that parents need to send their children to a therapeutic boarding school. While he is writing (below) about a time when a parent did NOT hold a boundary well and it created a minor rift in … Read More

Young Adults & Money Management

To all the parents with young adults who are struggling. Below is a sample of a letter, with names deleted to keep things confidential, of course, from a program we have referred to call Brightstone Transitions. What we like about this letter is the detail regarding helping a young adult with budgeting. It is very hard for us adults of … Read More

Suit Up for Sports

We love to share articles with yall – this one we found to be particularly interesting. It’s from the “Life with Teens: The Magazine for Parents with Teens”, spring 2013 edition, published by TeenLife. This issue had an interesting article about sports and adolescents, written by Randi Mazzella. “Sneakers, cleats, shin guards, and basketballs are strewn across our family home … Read More

Update on DSM-F: What You Need To Know to Help Your Students And Families

Recently, Louise co-wrote an article with Jeffrey Wilson, MD, that was published in the IECA’s newsletter, “Special Insights”, April/May 2013. We wanted to share with you that article. Louise: We would like to thank you for agreeing to update us on the DSM-5. Can I ask how you’ve become familiar with the DSM-5 prior to its publication? Dr. Wilson: I … Read More

Trip to New Visions and Northwest Wilderness

We’ve been on the road again! We flew into Minnesota to visit some of Louise’s family and then mt up with a group of educational consultants to tour Northwest Passages and New Vision Wilderness before heading to Chicago for our IECA National Conference. The executive director of Northwest Passages, Mark Elliott, demonstrated servant leadership by driving a van full of … Read More

Rites of Passages Workshop

Yesterday afternoon, we had the pleasure of accompanying our speaker, Kedar Brown, of our Adolescent Rites of Passage workshop to the local WIS TV station for a quick interview! To watch the interview, play the clip below. You can also view the clip at the WISTTV website (found here).    This workshop will examine the innate hunger adolescents have for … Read More

Rites of Passages

We hope that you will join us for a workshop on the Rites of Passages for Adolescents! This workshop will examine the innate hunger adolescents have for initiation and how if adults do not provide intentional forms of Rites of Passage for adolescents, they may create their own rite of passage. This passage may include substance abuse, gang violence, eating … Read More