Book Recommendations

Louise attended The Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) this past week in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Augsburg College. As she was networking with other professionals, she and John Britton, Counselor at the Collegiate Program for The Ranch at Dove Tree, in Lubbock, TX, shared their favorite books to help young adults struggling with addiction issues. One book they both … Read More

College Freshmen Required Reading

It is always interesting to note what college’s are requireing their incoming freshmen to read. From generation to generation, the required reading lists often change and are reflective of the times. Certainly, these assignmnets can be indicative of trends among academics and colleges. Recently, we came across of list ofo what some colleges have asked the members of their 2013 … Read More

Greenwood School

greenwood school students

May and Louise have been to see Greenwood School in Putney, Vermont, several times and have had several young men attend.  The Greenwood School community and culture is one of the most accepting and consistent ones we have ever seen! The students and faculty live and work together, and students who have struggled to fit in elsewhere find that their differences … Read More

Essential Things Students Want Teachers To Know

We attended a workshop at the IECA conference inAtlanta on the essential things a student wants out of life.  The keynote speaker, Ron Clarke, of the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta, Georgia, spent a great deal of time explaining why a proper handshake is important. After listening to his presentation, I am even more convinced that parents need to teach … Read More

Christmas, Love Languages, & The Grinch

Many years ago, probably in some workshop, I came across a book by Gary Chapman called The Five Love Languages.  In this book, Chapman says that we express love and receive love differently and that sometimes we “miss” messages from others or even misinterpret communications of affection because we speak in different love languages.  The five love languages according to … Read More