Louise Speaks at Rotary about the Importance of Apprenticeships

Louise had the opportunity to speak to the West Columbia Rotary Club on Friday morning. Her topic was the importance of apprenticeships and how to encourage students at Glenforest School to be more involved. She referenced this article below in her speech to the group.   Apprenticeships: An old idea finds a new purpose By NELSON D. SCHWARTZ New York … Read More

Does Your College Major Matter?

Most students go to college unsure of what they want to major in or may think they have an idea. But have you ever thought about the difference your major would make? This article shows the most lucrative majors in college. It makes you wonder if students really think hard about their major or are they just majoring in something to “have one.” … Read More

The Value of Our Lives

What gives meaning to life?  What is it we all need?  In the first half of our lives, our job is to find ourselves!  In other words, what is it that we can do or be that will be in service to others?  As we learn skills and try out new jobs, we learn what we are “good” at and … Read More

DBT Core Areas

This DBT(Dialectical Behavior Therapy) video by Jack Hinman, formerly at Sunrise RTC, and he’s now at Discovery Ranch for Girls.  I believe Jack did a great job of giving easy examples to explain the four core areas of DBT: 1)      Mindfulness, 2)      Distress Tolerance, 3)      Interpersonal Effectiveness, and 4)      Emotional Regulation.   I think almost all of us need to learn what it … Read More

A New School Year

As the academic year begins, The Price Group is thrilled about our students in boarding schools and colleges. It is an exciting time for all!  May you work hard at school, make new friends and try new healthy pursuits! Seize the day!!  

Our First Trip to Oregon: Day 1 & 2

Day 1: For both of us, this is our first trip to Oregon!  We are loving the scenery. We have already been in a high desert and a Douglas Fir forest.  We were very excited to finally get to see Dragonfly Transitions for the first time! We have known Mona and Glenn for years and have felt that our young adults … Read More

Idaho & Montana Trip: Day 2, 3 & 4

  Day 2: On Sunday, June 28, we started the day touring a young adult program called Focus Point .  Ron and Heidi Mendenhall, previously at Monarch School for 11 years, started this young adult transition program last year in August. This was the same time that their son, Alexander came one month early!  They own a big beautiful house in Hayden, Idaho. Ranel Hanson … Read More

Young Adults & Money Management

To all the parents with young adults who are struggling. Below is a sample of a letter, with names deleted to keep things confidential, of course, from a program we have referred to call Brightstone Transitions. What we like about this letter is the detail regarding helping a young adult with budgeting. It is very hard for us adults of … Read More