Book Recommendations

Louise attended The Association of Recovery in Higher Education (ARHE) this past week in Minneapolis, Minnesota at Augsburg College. As she was networking with other professionals, she and John Britton, Counselor at the Collegiate Program for The Ranch at Dove Tree, in Lubbock, TX, shared their favorite books to help young adults struggling with addiction issues. One book they both … Read More


Minorities and first generation college students often start out with very high hopes and expectations. As they encounter difficulties and a poor grade or demanding professor, the natural tendency is to move from a place of excitement and competence to a place of shame:  I thought I could move beyond my poverty and move up, but I don’t have the … Read More

The Digital Age

Girls take 10-20 pictures, pick the “best” picture, showing they are happy and put together, and then post that picture, often on Instagram.  As other girls read the post, they believe that all that is really going on in the peer’s life is great stuff.  Girls do not post bad things as a rule!  If a boy drinks too much … Read More

School Crossroads

It IS important what school you go to for boarding school and then later college… but not for the name or the prestige, but for the values, the friends made and the learning environment.  Is the school a place where teamwork and compassion for others is important and learning and growing is encouraged?  Or is the school a “cutthroat” kind of environment?  Is … Read More

The Perfect “U”

Last week, May and I attended the Small Boarding Schools Association (SBSA) conference.  There was a panel of speakers, all in college admissions, from NC schools that included High Point University, Salem College, Wake Forest University, and UNC Chapel Hill.  WOW!  What a diversity of colleges in terms of size, prestige, private vs. public, elite vs. not.  They all spoke about … Read More

Book Review: Not By Chance

Not By Chance by Tim R. Thayne, Ph. D. Aftercare is Not An After Thought In 2006, Tim Thayne made a presentation at a national convention about why therapeutic organizations needed to step up and work on doing a better job at transitioning students home after treatment.  His ideas were refreshing and novel. He believed strongly that in order for … Read More

A Common Reading Disorder

There are SO MANY reasons a child may not be able to read!  Sometimes as parents and educational consultants, we stop at the diagnosis of a reading disorder and do not go the next step to try and determine the underlying causes of the reading difficulty.  This is a good article in that it talks about a very common reading … Read More

How do you Measure “Success” in a Theraputic Program

This question comes up often and is more difficult to answer than you think and yet profoundly simple at the same time.  Some parents feel guilty when they have feelings of relief when they send their son or daughter off to a wilderness program or a therapeutic school.  Feeling a sense of failure as a parent, while at the same … Read More

Louise Speaks at Rotary about the Importance of Apprenticeships

Louise had the opportunity to speak to the West Columbia Rotary Club on Friday morning. Her topic was the importance of apprenticeships and how to encourage students at Glenforest School to be more involved. She referenced this article below in her speech to the group.   Apprenticeships: An old idea finds a new purpose By NELSON D. SCHWARTZ New York … Read More

Does Your College Major Matter?

Most students go to college unsure of what they want to major in or may think they have an idea. But have you ever thought about the difference your major would make? This article shows the most lucrative majors in college. It makes you wonder if students really think hard about their major or are they just majoring in something to “have one.” … Read More