Our First Trip to Oregon: Day 1 & 2

Day 1: For both of us, this is our first trip to Oregon!  We are loving the scenery. We have already been in a high desert and a Douglas Fir forest.  We were very excited to finally get to see Dragonfly Transitions for the first time! We have known Mona and Glenn for years and have felt that our young adults … Read More

Off to Montcalm School We Go

May and Louise traveled to Michigan on August 13th and 14th to tour Montcalm School.  This program is part of a long running nonprofit called Starr Commonwealth. They have run public programs and provided services to children and families for years.  The campus, in Albion, Michigan, is beautiful and the weather was great too for our tour!  We were amazed … Read More

Idaho & Montana: Day 5, 6 & 7

Day 5: This morning, Wednesday July 31st,  we had a beautiful drive from Sandpoint, Idaho to Eureka, Montana.  We went to see Chrysalis and were sorry that we missed Mary Alexine, one of the founders, who was visiting family.  We met Carrie Kaare, the Admissions Director, and also got to spend time with Kenny Pannell, the other founder.  The campus was as … Read More

Rites of Passages Workshop

Yesterday afternoon, we had the pleasure of accompanying our speaker, Kedar Brown, of our Adolescent Rites of Passage workshop to the local WIS TV station for a quick interview! To watch the interview, play the clip below. You can also view the clip at the WISTTV website (found here).    This workshop will examine the innate hunger adolescents have for … Read More

Why Hire An Educational Consultant

Why can’t you just give us a list of schools? How many times do we get this question? A LOT. When I first joined our national organization, IECA (Independent Educational Consultants Assocation), I asked one consultant, “so…what are the best schools for kid with learning differences?” I had no idea at that time that I was out of line. The … Read More

Rites of Passages

We hope that you will join us for a workshop on the Rites of Passages for Adolescents! This workshop will examine the innate hunger adolescents have for initiation and how if adults do not provide intentional forms of Rites of Passage for adolescents, they may create their own rite of passage. This passage may include substance abuse, gang violence, eating … Read More


Every year around this time, hundreds of people everywhere make resolutions. They decide to change something about their life.  A common resolution is to exercise more, to eat healthier, spend less money, spend more time with family, etc. Sometimes, though, people let this resolutions, these decisions, slide by. It becomes too easy to stick to our old ways. It’s difficult … Read More

Christmas, Love Languages, & The Grinch

Many years ago, probably in some workshop, I came across a book by Gary Chapman called The Five Love Languages.  In this book, Chapman says that we express love and receive love differently and that sometimes we “miss” messages from others or even misinterpret communications of affection because we speak in different love languages.  The five love languages according to … Read More