Travels in Utah Day Two & Three

We began our second day at Ascend Recovery with Guy Hardcastle in American Fork. Guy explained to us that Ascend was for adults who realized they needed help with their substance use issues or a process issue and were ready to do the clinical work necessary to begin a life of recovery. Ascend is truly competent with clients who have … Read More

How do you Measure “Success” in a Theraputic Program

This question comes up often and is more difficult to answer than you think and yet profoundly simple at the same time.  Some parents feel guilty when they have feelings of relief when they send their son or daughter off to a wilderness program or a therapeutic school.  Feeling a sense of failure as a parent, while at the same … Read More

Our First Trip to Oregon: Day 1 & 2

Day 1: For both of us, this is our first trip to Oregon!  We are loving the scenery. We have already been in a high desert and a Douglas Fir forest.  We were very excited to finally get to see Dragonfly Transitions for the first time! We have known Mona and Glenn for years and have felt that our young adults … Read More

Off to Montcalm School We Go

May and Louise traveled to Michigan on August 13th and 14th to tour Montcalm School.  This program is part of a long running nonprofit called Starr Commonwealth. They have run public programs and provided services to children and families for years.  The campus, in Albion, Michigan, is beautiful and the weather was great too for our tour!  We were amazed … Read More

Idaho & Montana: Day 5, 6 & 7

Day 5: This morning, Wednesday July 31st,  we had a beautiful drive from Sandpoint, Idaho to Eureka, Montana.  We went to see Chrysalis and were sorry that we missed Mary Alexine, one of the founders, who was visiting family.  We met Carrie Kaare, the Admissions Director, and also got to spend time with Kenny Pannell, the other founder.  The campus was as … Read More

Montana Academy & A Community of Parents

We have always respected the work of Montana Academy and John McKinnon’s ability to put into words so very well some of the reasons that parents need to send their children to a therapeutic boarding school. While he is writing (below) about a time when a parent did NOT hold a boundary well and it created a minor rift in … Read More


We had to share this news release about TrekEpic. Enjoy reading about a wonderful program! TrekEpic revives tradition of youth self-discovery through adventure, made affordable through foundation support Educational Consultant Andrew Bryan integrates countryside treks with educational counseling, core gift process to guide young adults Believe it or not, the ancient practice of young people going on an adventure to … Read More

Why Wilderness?

There are several compelling reasons for choosing a wilderness program as a starting point for your teen (or young adult’s) journey in therapeutic programming.  For some, a therapeutic experience in the out-of-doors offers the understanding a youngster needs to get back on track at home.  For others, it prepares your teen for the next step in programming.  Wilderness therapy provides … Read More


We have had a great deal of success with placements at Aspiro  (and here) and have a great deal of respect for their clinical team, (especially Gordon Day).  This subset program at Aspiro, called Vantage Point, takes quirky, socially awkward young men and does a fantastic job with them.  The profile for a young person going to Vantage Point is … Read More

October Utah Trip: Day Three and Four Continued & Day Five

Click here for our first post of these two days! On Wednesday and Thursday, May and Louise attended an Aspen Professional Development Workshop (PDW) hosted by Aspen Education Group, a division of CRC Health. LINK.  After a warm welcome from Andy Erkard, Aspen’s Senior Management team  presented their commitment to a client-centered approach. They are conducting  a long term research … Read More