October Utah Trip: Day Three and Four Continued & Day Five

Click here for our first post of these two days! On Wednesday and Thursday, May and Louise attended an Aspen Professional Development Workshop (PDW) hosted by Aspen Education Group, a division of CRC Health. LINK.  After a warm welcome from Andy Erkard, Aspen’s Senior Management team  presented their commitment to a client-centered approach. They are conducting  a long term research … Read More

October Utah Trip: Day Three & Four

 A fence made out of skiis in Park City, Utah! We are officially feel like we are in Utah as the snow comes down.  For Wednesday and Thurday we will be attending the Partnering for Hope Conference Here is what our schedule looks like: During the conference, we have met lots of new people and love the place we are … Read More

October Utah Trip: Day Two

We started our morning at Oakley School in Oakley, UT.  James Meyer, executive director, opened with a presentation on Myths and Realities about Oakley. What impressed us about James’ presentation was the consistency of purpose and programming since Oakley’s opening in 1998. He reviewed the continuum of care from a psychiatric hospital to a traditional boarding school. On one continuum … Read More

October Utah Trip: Day 1

We are back in Utah – it is chilly in and the mountains are expecting snow. We started our Monday morning visiting Aspen Institute for Behavioral Assessment (AIBA). During NATSAP in Asheville, NC we met their new medical director, Dr. Jeff Wilson, who did a presentation there on the DSM changes – click here to view a blog post about this! … Read More

Utah Trip: Day Five

Ashcreek Ranch Academy is a brand new program that has just opened its doors to serve adolescent males.  One of their goals is to make the right things easier and the wrong things difficult.  We enjoyed hearing about their program and having lunch with Darren Prince and his sister, Tammy. Be looking for a post on what is happening in … Read More

Utah Trip: Day Four

Our last full day in Utah started off in New Harmony at Kolob Canyon RTC.  Kolob is residential treatment center for 12 girls, ages 14 – 17.  The teachers here also teach at Moonridge Academy (below).  Horses are an important part of this program.  The therapy is relational based along with a great deal of recreational therapy.  The girls are always … Read More

Utah Trip: Day Three

Wednesday started off with another full day in the Provo area! We enjoyed our first visit of the day at Heritage School meeting with their admissions staff Susie & Chris since all of the other staff was off campus in training.  The students at Heritage live in single gender houses for students that are 12 – 18 years of age.  … Read More

Utah Trip: Day Two

It has been a beautiful day in Utah.  This morning we were greeted by a great view of sunshine and flowers at Daniels Academy.  Daniels Academy is a residential program for boys ages 13 to 18. It was so good to reconnect with Sean Haggarty, Caleb Coddle, and Justin Robinson. The typical Daniels Academy student is one who didn’t perform well in … Read More

Utah Trip: Day One

We had a great first day here in Utah.  Today we visited Waterfall Canyon Academy, Turning Point Centers and La Europa Academy.  Our first destination was Waterfall Canyon Academy in Ogden, Utah. Waterfall Canyon is a residential program for students that are cognitively impared and that are diagnosed with NLD or Asbergers. We enjoyed touring two of their homes and meeting so … Read More