In 2006, May Peach with a Masters in Education and Louise Slater with a Masters in Psychology purchased The Price Group.  As former clients of  The Price Group, these women knew first hand the quality of the services of an educational consultant.   They were so impressed with the assistance they received, May and Louise wanted to provide similar services to other families.

The original owner, Ann Carol Price, M.Ed., in 1995  identified a growing need for specialized educational consulting and diagnostic services.  The high cost of schools, colleges, and special programs combined with a bewildering array of options, was making it increasingly difficult for families to determine what choices would be best for their children.  The Price Group quickly became a leader in educational planning by developing a consulting process that combines an holistic student-centered approach with clinical insight, attention to detail, and rigorous follow up.  Ann Carol was a pioneer in the field and was honored by her peers as a lifetime member of IECA.

 When Louise and May joined the practice, Ann Carol spent the first full year (2006) mentoring and introducing them to key school professionals.  Because of Ann Carol’s committment to high quality standards, Louise and May received an invaluable foundation into the field of educational consulting.

With more than twenty-plus years of successful placements, productive long-term relationships with education and treatment professionals, and a reputation as one of the nation’s best sources of comprehensive diagnostic testing, we are proud to say that our work has made a difference in the lives of thousands of young people.